Julie Marsh is an artist filmmaker, academic and researcher. Through the exploration of real and representational space she investigates how technical machines can perform site, creating critical experiences for audiences that open debate and question social spaces. This mechanical process of filming is in fact an investigative way of looking, which becomes less about ‘viewing’ and more about ‘experiencing’ place.The audience is placed at the centre of both the work and, crucially, the site, as integral to the experience. Reality and its representation become equally material, experienced by the audience in the ‘here and now’.

Alongside her post-doctoral work, Julie is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) at the University of Westminster. Recent exhibitions and conferences include, SCREEN Moving Image Festival, Barcelona (2017), The Biennial for Emerging Arts, Romania (2017), Black Box Symposium, CAS (Centre for Audiovisual Studies) FAMU, Prague (2016).


SALAT (2016)






PESTERA (2015)


WINSPIT (2016)