KOSTKA (2016)

Site-performance of  Kostka , Meetfactory (center for contemporary art) Prague, 2016.

Site-performance of Kostka, Meetfactory (center for contemporary art) Prague, 2016.

Kostka (2016) performs one of the galleries at MeetFactory (centre for contemporary art) in Prague. The gallery is shaped as a Cube (Cube = Kostka in Czech), converted from what used to be the boiler room of a technical glass manufacturing works. A 360-degree motorized rig is placed in the centre of the space and films the architectural site in daylight. The footage is projected on a large floating screen, presented in the centre of the space when the room is cleared and in darkness. The represented image comes into critical conjunction with the actual space of the gallery and the pre-recorded sounds amplify the acoustics in the room.

The viewer’s position within the space is entirely mediated by the machine. To aid the connection of site and film, the original filming rig is used to make reference to the architectural site via a moving projector, attached where the camera has once been. This makes the viewer equally aware of both the filmic space and the physical space in which they are standing. Field recordings are played back into the space and prompt the audience to question what is real and what is representational.