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PESTERA (2015)

Pestera (2015) 8-min film, Pestera Monastery, Romania

Pestera (2015) is an 8-minute film that takes the viewer on a journey from the ceiling dome to the altar of Pestera Cave Monastery in Romania. The camera faces upwards for the entire film while the frame of the camera slowly starts to reveal the architecture of the space and murals representing cycles of religious events. As the perspective changes new architectural structures open up. The chanting and choral singing, the ritual movements of the priest and acolytes are all captured as the motorised camera rig descends through the architectural space.

Pestera (2015) is projected onto the ceiling of Atelier Contemporary Art Space, in Bucharest. this creates an interesting interaction between the galleries’ architectural features and the film projection, in which film and feature are both illuminated and obscured. The projection challenges the distinction between the physical site and the projected image by creating a play of representations. The monastery, as a site of worship holds a multitude of ‘projected’ symbolisms, for those that pray there, to those who enter as visitors. This cinematic tracking shot through architectural space draws attention to these symbolic readings and our reading of the space alternates between material to iconic.